About Us

Our School

The conception of Sm.Ashed It Dance Company was sparked after Ashleigh held a dance session at a local playgroup where her children attend. After the session was finished the overwhelming positive response from the parents was undeniable and the process began to create a place where children can learn dance in a fun, relaxed and safe environment while upholding the values that Ashleigh sees important.

“The core of Sm.Ashed it Dance Company is to make dance accessible to all, where inclusiveness is a priority and creativity is encouraged.”    Ashleigh Hill

Sm.Ashed It Dance Company isn’t your typical dance school. While technique and strong foundations are important for all dancers, the emphasis of these classes is on giving it a go and enjoying yourself.

Another great aspect of Sm.Ashed It Dance Company is that all dance classes are open. Parents are encouraged to watch and even participate – particularly for the younger ones. The best classes for the 0-5 year olds are when all the parents are up and dancing with their children. It creates beautiful memories and strengthens child-parent relationships.

Sm.Ashed It Dance Company doesn’t have a uniform you need to buy, nor do you need to wear dance shoes and no dance concerts at the end of the year with expensive costumes. Why do you ask? Because sometimes dance is just about enjoying yourself.

If your child wants to further their education and be part of concerts and competition teams, talk to Ashleigh about local dance schools which would suit your child.

Go and try a class, there is no registration and you aren’t locked in for a term. What do you have to lose?

Our People

Ashleigh Hill – Owner

Ashleigh is passionate about quality dance education as well as creating a place where dance is accessible, affordable, inclusive and fun for children and their families.

She recognises the positive influence dance and the performing arts can have on the lives of children. It builds confidence, develops gross motor skills and forms fond memories to look back on in years to come.

Ashleigh with her husband Steve, are raising their beautiful young family in the Sutherland Shire. Their lives are full with the chaotic excitement their young children, Abigail and Charlie bring to their lives. They can often be caught walking the streets around their home and experiencing the amazing community the Shire provides.

Creativity has always been a focal point in Ashleigh’s life. From dance to music and drama, there isn’t much Ashleigh hasn’t tried when it comes to the performing arts.

Ashleigh’s mother saw the need to enroll her in ballet classes to help correct her ‘pigeon toes’ and the love affair with all things dance began.

From the early days of simple end of year dance concerts dressed as Pinocchio, to performing in many concerts, eisteddfods, public events, countless musicals, playing in jazz bands and teaching dance privately in studios as well as in Pre-schools and Public schools across NSW, there has always been some form of art form prominent in her life. This diverse background has provided Ashleigh with the ability to instill the same passion for dance in a wide range of students from diverse backgrounds.

The decision to provide casual dance classes at a low cost was a no brainer for Ashleigh. Keeping the classes cost effective but ensuring quality dance training is constantly at the forefront of her business. She appreciated the support and enjoyment of her students and their families.

In Ashleigh’s words

‘Sometimes dance is about turning up the music and smashing out the craziest dance moves with the biggest smile on your face’.