The Ultimate Guide to a Great Dance Recital

You have worked hard all year and now you are preparing for the end of year dance recital. For some dancers (and families) it can get overwhelming. Never fear I have created the Ultimate Guide to a Great Dance Recital for you to download and ensure you enjoy your recital and remember it for years … Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to a Great Dance Recital

Teacher Introduction: Ashleigh Hill

Hi there, I’m Ashleigh. Most days you can find me hanging out at local parks with a coffee in hand. More than likely chasing after my two kidlets attempting to wrangle them somewhat under control. And now we have just added a border collie to the mix - Talk about getting pulled in three directions. … Continue reading Teacher Introduction: Ashleigh Hill

Kinderballetâ„¢ at Smashed It Dance!

I am incredibly excited to announce that Smashed It Dance Company will be providing Kinderballetâ„¢ classes in the Sutherland Shire. Australia’s most loved preschool ballet What is Kinderballetâ„¢? Kinderballetâ„¢ is a ballet program developed specifically for children aged between 2 and 5 years, as an introduction to Classical Ballet. The challenge with teaching this … Continue reading Kinderballetâ„¢ at Smashed It Dance!

5 Dance Instagram Accounts you must follow

If you are anything like me you have very little time to yourself but somehow you still manage waste a hell of a lot of time lost in random dance videos and pictures on Instagram. I have just finished a delicious glass of wine while scrolling through a ridiculous amount of instagram feeds - Night made! With that in mind,I give you 5 Dance related instagram accounts you must follow.